Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perchin 6/25

Well reports have been good so I decided to get out and see how many perch I could get. As soon as we get there we see the perch stacked on the walls but they wouldn't hit anything at all. I eventually hooked into a nice jumbo a few feet infront of me. (I think it's a softshell bite for sure now). We continued to fish with only one fish to show but when it got almost dark the fish sorta turned on and mike landed 2 nice size perch. So the total fish keep was 5 fish. Will be out tommorow morning bright and early!! Thanks for reading!

Keith aka rootpro6

Ninja night fishermen gone fishin 6/24!

Well me and mike decided to hit up a local lake for some night time buzz bait bass fishing. It was hott as hell out but the water was like glass. We start fishing and within 5 casts mike connects but he lost the fish when it jumped. We keep fishing and action is verryyy slow until I hook up with a nice 2.5# bass. Mike hooked into 2 smaller bass on the midnight special spinner in black/blue. I also connected on a smaller fish on a buzz bait towards the end.
Thanks for reading!

Keith aka rootpro6

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not so hott fishing, hott temperatures!

Well things started off by me pulling a all nighter and fishing opeka
at 130 till about 230 and slept for maybe 30 minutes.
From there me and my friend Creighton went to the lake to try for
perch but we got there a little late and the bite was over except for
a older gentlemen who was catching the perch consistently then he
hooked into something nice. At first I thought it was a coho but it
was way to big for a coho. It was a steelhead. That is the second
steelhead I seen this year landed while perch fishing. Crazy things
can happen though.
After perching we decided to stay down there and meet up with our
friend jp. That is when the temps starting to rise to about 90. We
caught a few largies all together. For about 2 and a half hours we
tried to get this monster smallis to hit but he just wouldn't take
anything and I mean anything. We threw everything possible at him. He
would follow the lure up and get everyones hopes up then just turn
After we left I knoticed I got a farmers tan but not quite a tan, I
was a little burnt!!ughhhh

After a short 3 hour nap and after watchig the cubs game I decide to
hit up a friends private pond for some topwater bass. Wasn't to
exciting but I pulled in 2 11-14 inch bass.

Thanks for reading!!

Keith aka rootpro6

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perching 6/21

Got down to Belmont around 645 or so and stayed till 8ish. Took the bus there so got there a little later than I wanted to. First couple casts didn't get any hits so I move to the mouth and connect on my first cast. YAY!! Not, it's a rock bass which I proudly gave away to another angler who said they taste like crappie. About my 10th or so cast I hook into a perch. Finally!! Then from there until I left it was consistent action. Left with a 7 fish stringer. 2 13 inchers and the other 5 around 8-9 inches. Also I knoticed a lot of snags there. Don't know how many times I had to re-rig. ( I don't know how you minnow fisherman fish there without getting snagged ever time with ur big weight on the bottom). I will have a pic uploaded sometime tommorkw or Tuesday. 8 days and counting until game over!! Sad to say but I still need to get a limit, which I should of had atleast 1-2 by now. Thanks for reading!!

Keith aka rootpro6

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Perching 6/20

Got to the lake with my dad around 440 and fished till about 720. Went to my usually spot on the big pond and the bite lasted all of 10-15 minutes. It sucked. Didn't see anyone have any more than 6 perch in their basket. My friend mike popped his 2 fish on his first 2 casts and I thought it was going to be good but nope. After some thought we decided to hit spot x a little further south. Nada going on there as well. Just a guy with 3 decent fish. Sucks but we only have about 10 more days left and I have still yet to have a good day. Hope tommorow morning will be better. Thanks for reading!

Keith aka rootpro6

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bassin 6/14

Decided to stop at a pond with a buddy of mine in the evening. This was a pond i fished for a year but never really cared for it casue it was always weedy but i deffiently fish it a lot more now. Tossed a plasic worm the whole time and went 4/8. Lost a lot of fish lifting the fish out of the water but they wernt any bigger than 2 pounds. But my first fish of the day was a nice fish. Probably just about 3.5 pounds.

My buddy mike got into a few nice crappie which means new ice fishing pond!!! He has a monster bass swipe at his crappie as he reeled it in and it caused a huge comotion!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Indepedence grove 6/11

Well decided to go to ig with my friend brain. We got to ig around 4 and fished till 730. The bite really didnt pick up till about 6. We started getting lots of hits but couldnt quite set the hook. Brian landed the first 2 fish of the day. Both around 14 inches. I then proceded to throw my plastic worm and i get smashed and i wasnt ready for it then snap. It had to be a hog!!!! I then hooked into a nice 15 inch fish.
We keep working the weed line and we are getting all dinks. Then brian hooks into what looks like a healthy 2.5 pound bass but it jumped right by the boat and shook the hook. I then decided to cast into the weeds and i feel tap tap and i set the hook on this nice 3.5 pounder!!!

Didnt see much other action. My dads friend had a few nice cats pulled in earlier but thats it.